Rusk County sales tax revenue for the month of September showed healthy increases for Henderson and Overton. Tatum and Reklaw totals continue to drop while Mt. Enterprise showed its first decrease in months.

From a net payment of $462,869 reported last year at this time, Henderson climbed to $558,347 for a 20.62% increase, the highest percentage of net revenue reported within the county. This healthy increase helped boost the city’s year-to-date payment to $5,031,113, for a boost of 6.18% over last year’s reported total of $4,737,915.

Overton registered the most significant increase in sales tax payments last month with $34,087 over last year’s $30,399, for a 12.13% increase, while year-to-date totals showed substantial growth with $290,649 compared to 2020’s $260,690 for a more than 11% increase in sales tax payments.

Mt. Enterprise reported a loss in net sales tax revenue for the first time in months. With a net payment of $20,273 under last year’s $21,471, a decrease of 5.57%. The year-to-date total of $191,132 reflects a massive increase over the previous year’s total of $155,345, for more than 23% gain, with huge increases over the past few months padding the YTD totals and cushioning the blow of a lower than usual monthly revenue. 

Tatum reported a decrease in sales tax payments through September with a total of $23,939. Last year’s total came in at $26,545, a 9.81% decrease in revenue. Despite the monthly drop, the city’s year-to-date payment reflects still managed a nearly 3.99% increase, jumping to $245,420 from last year’s $235,998.

Reklaw, the smallest municipality within the county, continued to report major losses in sale tax revenue. With monthly totals coming in at $751 compared to last year’s $1,343, presenting a 44.04% difference. Year-to-date totals were grim with a 16.87% drop to $27,951 from 2020’s $9,565.

The county, as a whole, is recording a notable increase with September’s year-to-date totals at $5,766,266 over last year’s $5,399,503.

Longview’s sales tax rebound continues reporting yet another increase with a 13.24% boost in the year-to-date sales tax payments while Kilgore’s total for September was more than 13% higher with a total of $589,744 compared to last year’s $517,680. Tyler’s tax revenues continued to climb with a 15.85% increase which represented more than $5 million added to the city’s totals. 

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