F4U Corsair

The F4U Corsair will be just one of more than a dozen planes to be on display at the Rusk County Airport Fly-in on Oct. 5.


Celebration is going into fifth year at hangers

The Rusk County Commissioners Court has approved this year’s annual fly-in for Oct. 5.

This year’s fly-in theme is “Celebrating Freedom of Flight.” “One of the great freedoms we enjoy, but seldom think about, is the freedom of the skies.  Very few countries in the world enjoy this freedom as we do.  And this year we’re going to celebrate that freedom,” says Ron Franks, manager of the Rusk County Airport.

“Our fly-ins are always patriotic events.  We will again recognize and honor our veterans.  We want to show our gratitude for their willingness to sacrifice for our freedom.  I am especially grateful to the Mid-America Flight Museum for supporting this year’s fly-in.  Their mission is to honor veterans, mentor kids and to provide opportunity for community involvement.  In past years, Scott Glover and the Mid America Flight Museum provided rides to veterans in very unique and rare aircraft,” Franks says.  “Rides in these big warbirds are not cheap – but Scott and his crew provide these rides at no expense to the veterans!  That’s a wonderful pay-back for those willing to “pay it forward” for our freedom.”

“In the United States, we all have so much to be thankful for,” says Scott Glover, the museum’s owner and curator. “Mid America Flight Museum is the result of a dream to somehow find a way to give something back to the community, our country, and most importantly, to give something back to this nation’s military veterans.”

“Our goals are simple: honoring this nation’s veterans, promoting both aviation and history to our youth, and preserving the uniquely individual histories of our aircraft. Our team has another goal not often found among places where these types of aircraft are located.” Our team has the resources, the know-how, but most importantly, the heart to keep these historic aircraft flying,” says Glover. “We believe this sets Mid America Flight Museum apart from most other aviation museums.”

“Our first two events were air shows, but there were so many moving parts and the schedule so hectic that we decided that it would be more fun to host fly-ins instead of airshows,” Franks says.  “A fly-in keeps some of the best parts of the airshow, while allowing for a more personal and close-up experience with the pilots and their airplanes.  Pilots bring their “pride and joy” airplanes to these events, and are happy to talk with our fly-in participants about them!”

“As you might expect, we bring back the “tried and true” events that people seem to love at our past fly-ins.  We will again offer free Young Eagles Orientation rides for the kids; there will be several food vendors, with good food for every taste.”  

“Every year we try to add something new for everyone to enjoy at the fly-in.  This year, we will feature Sheila and the Caddo Kats in a free concert.  This band has won numerous prestigious awards on the national stage, and we are thrilled to present them in concert to our fly-in crowd!”  Franks states.  “There will also be rides in antique airplanes available to the fly-in public.  They will charge a fee to cover their cost, but the rides will be well worth the price.”

Parents wishing to register their children, ages 8 through 16, for the free Young Eagles flights are invited to visit our website at www.ruskcountyairport.com.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and full out the Young Eagles registration form and hit the “send” button, it’s as easy as that!  

Rusk County Airport will again host a hangar dance on Friday evening before the fly-in with the “Sounds of Swing Big Band”.  This is a “bye” week for Lions football, so there is no excuse not to be there!  

 “We are hoping for a cool fall day where families from all over East Texas can have fun, honor our veterans, listen to the sounds of Sheila and the Caddo Kats and experience the thrill of flight.  It just doesn’t get much better than that,” Franks declares with a smile.

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