Simple assault and disturbance incidences have largely increased for the month of July with the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office. 

Incidences of simple assault were up to 27 in July as compared to 12 in June. Disturbances were up to 24 in July compared to 17 in June.

“People are just not getting along,” said Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price. “Disturbance coincides with the assaults.”

Another large increase for the month of July was suspicious person with 37 counts in July and only 27 counts in June. Price encourages citizens to call RCSO if they see someone they don’t recognize in their neighborhoods, land or yards and let them check these people out. 

“Let us come check out who they are because I’d hate for you to watch your neighbor get robbed and not realize that he was being robbed,” Price said. “A lot of the suspicious persons calls is about strangers just walking down the highway. They are transients walking from point A to point B. There isn’t anything to them just going through Rusk County going south. A lot of them are headed south because winter is coming.”

While burglaries of building and habitation both stayed the same as June, burglaries of a vehicle, doubled from four counts to eight in July. Burglaries attempted also increased from one to four counts.

“There was not one vehicle that was burglarized that was locked, all eight were left unlocked,” Price said. “A couple of them had guns stolen out of them. We worry about gun laws and how criminals get guns. That is how they are getting them.” 

Criminal mischief dropped significantly to 16 counts reported as compared to 24 in June. The RCSO also reported that criminal trespass were also down last month. 

The RCSO reported 59 livestock calls that were up from 55 in June. 

A 2,232 total records taken in July, down from 2,110 in June.

Crime statistics, according to reports produced each day by the RCSO and printed in The Henderson News in July, include the following:

• 79 counts of reckless driver; 

• 59 counts of livestock;

• 37 counts of suspicious person; 

• 27 counts of simple assault;

• 26 counts of miscellaneous theft; 

• 24 counts of disturbance;

• 20 counts of criminal trespass;

• 16 counts of criminal mischief;

• 13 counts of harassment;

• 11 counts of burglary of habitation, loud music; 

• 10 counts of scam, vehicle stolen;

• Eight counts of burglary of vehicle;

• Six counts of animal cruelty, illegal dumping;

• Five counts of misdemeanor arrest, deadly conduct, fraud, terroristic threat,

• Four counts of sexual assault, burglary attempted, credit card abuse, ID theft, oilfield theft;

• Three counts of arrest felony, burglary of building, telephone harassment;

• Two counts of aggravated assault, family violence, littering, narcotics; and

• One count of child endangerment, disorderly conduct, forgery, narcotics possession, protective order violation, robbery, theft of service.

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