Jamie Holmes (pictured above) was named Henderson’s Best Lawyer in 2018.

Editor’s Note: The Henderson News will feature several of this year’s Henderson’s Best recipients in the coming weeks. The Henderson’s Best section will publish Nov. 25. Jamie Holmes was voted Best Lawyer.

A passion for Henderson and the Henderson Lions is one of the many things to take notice about Jamie Holmes.

Although he was not a Henderson Lion growing up he has proven to be a Lion and love them deeply.

Holmes works as a lawyer on South Marshall Street, is a Kiwanian, the HISD school board president and is a co-host of a his radio show “Out to Pastor.” A busy man easily describes Holmes.

“When I started working in Dallas, you never really know what your going to do or want to do when you grow up, and I still didn’t know but I knew pretty quick that what I was doing was not what I wanted to do,” Holmes said. “Then I went to a courthouse in Collin County in Plano and I saw this guy ahead of me and he set up at the council table. While I was waiting for my turn to work with him, he handled like four different things and I can’t remember any more of exactly what it was but I remember people and families coming in the court room, walking past me, going to see him and he would sit down with them and talk and he would handle their situation. They would thank him and then they would leave. I watched that guy and I thought that’s what I want to do. I don’t want to sit back here and carry this brief case and write things. So ever since then that’s what we do. We pick things up when they are broken and try to fix them.”

Holmes being a lawyer that helps with claims for injuries, fire, insurance, etc. finds it works with the many other things he chooses to take part in that other types of law might prevent him from.

A father of two daughters, Ellen and Emily, who grew up through HISD led to encourage him to take part in the school board. Holmes just began his next three year term but that is just the beginning of all he does for the Lions. He also videos the games to capture The Big Play of the Week and hosts Ask the Lions, a weekly video asking the Lions football team interesting and comical questions.

Holmes began “Big Play of the Week” after being at the games to video the band when his daughters were playing.

Starting out he didn’t video the whole game just clips here and there and at times would catch the big play of the game.

After getting a second battery to have enough to shoot some of the game and the band, Holmes asked Coach Castles if he could video on the sidelines, in the locker rooms, huddles and behind the scenes clips for the players to treasure.

“It’s another one of those things, my kids are gone now there is no reason for me be doing that other than it’s just too much fun not to do it,” Holmes said.

Holmes along with Texas Bank’s Matt Gholson started a radio show titled “Out to Pastor.” The two of them talk about the many different events and happenings in Henderson for the week and about the upcoming football game.

“Matt and I were always joking about how funny it would be if we had a reality tv show about a preacher and a lawyer about all the places they would go,” Holmes said. “Then we started keeping count of all the recurring characters that would show up. Like Seinfield had Numan who would just pop up every once in a while. Well I had Jerry Wallace or Matt’s got a whole long list but everyone has that list that every time you see one of them they have something going on. So we thought it would be hysterical.”

They were unable to get a reality tv show but were able to get a radio show with minimal convincing.

“Every season we take a break and I say we aren’t going to do this again, it’s too much time consuming and just silliness and then every year we start back up it’s so much fun to get people around town to come in and talk about what’s going on,” Holmes said. “People that don’t keep track of what’s going on in town have no idea the things that people do. It is so funny!”

Holmes and Gholson host many different people on their show and bring a good laugh to all their listeners.

On top of all the things Holmes takes part in he is also very interested in the history of Rusk County and spends time researching Rusk County and its past.

“All my work has been on the fire of 1860 so I’ve spent hours over at the courthouse going through all the old case files, all the old minute books from district and county court and county commissioners court,” Holmes said.

Holmes, through his research, was able to find that when the census was taken that July there were four people in the jail and one of them being a slave named Clavin. He was able to find out he was indicted for murder. Holmes learned that he had been in jail for nearly a year. He had been tried and convicted of manslaughter and appealed it all the way to the Supreme Court and won multiple times before being hung in the county jail.

“I like to get into the trenches with it,” Holmes said. “It’s where the fun stuff is.”

Both of Holmes’ daughters are currently attending the University of Arkansas. Ellen is a sophomore and wants to be an athletic trainer and Emily is in the second year of her master’s degree in English Literature and is applying to law school in the fall.

Holmes has been married to his high school sweetheart, Sherry, since 1987 and they moved to Henderson in 1983.

“We love Henderson and are big supporters of the town and school and the best part of my job is knowing that I can get up and go the grocery store knowing that I’m going to see my customers, my clients and know that I help them make things better,” Holmes said. “That’s the best part of that job without that it wouldn’t be any fun at all. I’ve worked for people that don’t live here and it’s just not the same because you don’t have a relationship with them. When you work with people you know, live with and have relationships with its completely different and it’s more rewarding to me and I think you do a better job for your client and that’s what it’s all about.”

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