Henderson Food Pantry pleads with community to stop 

dumping trash as donations

Henderson Food Pantry and its staff have diligently worked to feed the needy in Rusk County since 1997. As a non-profit organization, the Food Pantry has survived and thrived this long solely on the donations of the community and those willing to volunteer their time. 

While manager, April Stevens, and her charitable group of workers have expressed deep gratitude for the donations provided by the community the site they drove up to Tuesday morning gave the entire crew pause. 

The entire drive in front of the PALS Re-Sale shop had been used to dump what appeared to be the entire contents of someone’s home. Within the mountains of broken housewares, destroyed decorations, and damaged furniture could be found boxes filled with personal information. In one box alone was a driver’s license, discarded mail, and family photos. 

The mound of discarded items ended up costing the Pantry $630 to have an outside source remove large broken items left on their property. At their average of 3 meals provided per dollar spent the money used to clean the mess could have provided more than 1,800 meals for Rusk County citizens in need. 

“We truly appreciate all the amazing people in our community who donate items in good condition,” said Stevens, “but incidents like this, which are becoming more and more common, end up setting us back by days. While I should be in the Food Pantry handing out food I’ll be sitting here, with most of our volunteer staff digging through the garbage.” 

In an effort to curtail incidences of this nature Stevens asks that any donations only be made when a staff member is present. Monetary and food donations are always welcome but for the time being, she asked that no donations of household goods not be made. 

For more information about donations and volunteer opportunities, call Stevens and her crew at 903-657-8495 or email them at hendersonfoodpantry@gmail.com.

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