HEDCO (Henderson Economic Development Corporation) had planned for months to build a spec building on property they own on Frisco Street in the old business park but it has been delayed because of right of way issues. 

John Clary, Executive Director for HEDCO prepared a timeline for the Board and said, “It would probably be better to place the spec building in the new business park and place it close to the road.”

After the discussion of the Master Plan for the new East Texas Regional Business Park the Board decided that it might be best to put a hold on the spec building for Frisco Street and build it in the new business park.

Clary is expecting to receive the final presentation of the master plan for the new business park from Stokes and Associates in April 2021 with hopes of having it in time for the April Board meeting to approve scope of Phase 1 of construction.

The timeline also includes receiving detailed engineering for infrastructure by September 2021. By then he hopes to advertise for bids. Then between October and November award the winning bids. By August 2022 construction of infrastructure for road and utilities should be completed.

Clary also gave the Board an update on constructing the spec building in the new industrial park. He will provide and update on the architectural and engineering for the building by May 2021. By August 2021 complete survey and subsurface investigation for the building will be ordered. Between October and November 2021 he will advertise for bids to build the building and by November the winning bid will be awarded.

Within the next eight to nine months site work and building construction will take place with a completed date by August 2022.

The Board also decided that Clary and his Administrative Assistant, Karen Smith needed help so they approved to hire a third employee. 

“This person will be an exempt salary employee that will mainly focus on marketing and social media. They will also do outside sales and attend trade shows to represent HEDCO,” said Clary.






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