Letti Goodrich

A new smiling face has been added to the team at Henderson City Hall that goes by the name Letti Goodrich.

She has taken on a new position that City Manager Jay Abercombie created. She will be the communications and marketing coordinator and reports directly to Abercombie.

“We have a website that is need of substantial updates, so that is the primary focus for now, so just getting everything updated and work on the design a little bit,” Goodrich said. “The platform is really great, so its easily customized to how we want it to look. So right now that’s kind of the big focus and then the other side of it will be, really focusing on bringing the City of Henderson into social media and giving us a social media presence.”

Currently the city along with a few other entities, have Facebook pages and a few have Instagram accounts.

“We want to push out educational information,” Goodrich said. “Stuff that you wouldn’t think is interesting.”

Goodrich joined Abercombie at City Hall about three weeks ago, after working for him in Bullard, in the same position. Together they will be working to implement some new updates.  

Bullard was almost like a stepping stone to get Goodrich here, as she had never done this type of work prior. She learned everything in her time at Bullard and majority of it under Abercombie, who was a big influence to her coming to Henderson. 

“Working in Bullard I was able to pick everything up quickly on the website design, social media and what people want and I grew up with social media so that helped,” Goodrich said. “There were some websites that helped with scheduling, structuring and really just take a lot if off your plate. You can design it and forget it, which is nice because you can get wrapped up in it and it can be its own full time monster.” 

Prior to working at Bullard, Goodrich did a variety things including, working for a staffing agency in the administration side, working for a hospice company, financial company, worked in broker insurance doing administration work along with a title company in Tyler.

“It all kind of came together because coming from the healthcare side I understand about audits and making sure everything is compliant,” Goodrich said. “From the insurance side I understand customer service, so it all just kind of a culminated together.”

She is able to bring many experiences and knowledge to the job along with a little experience with city government. Growing up, Goodrich’s father was a mayor and she now feels she has done a complete circle. 

“Being able to come in and work for the government and understand the processes going on it is night and day of what you learn and what think you know as a citizen and what you have no idea of what has to happen,” Goodrich said. “That has been the biggest back and forth. That has really streamlined that passion.”

Goodrich wants to make sure the citizens know that the city wants to be transparent and have everyone know what is happening. Together her and Abercombie are huge advocates for customer service and want the citizens to feel comfortable to call them with questions or concerns. 

“We are going to focus on the positive and things we are going to be working on as a city, as a community and increasing this community and keeping that hometown feel of the community just on a bigger scale,” Goodrich said.

Goodrich would like to possibly incorporate some new events in the city, as she sees fit, that work well with Henderson. 

“So far its just learning Henderson and its established with a good size community,” Goodrich said. “We love how picturesque Henderson is.” 

Thanks to Henderson’s beauty Goodrich thinks it will help throw Henderson out on social media to help others know who the city is. 

“I really just want to focus on a social media style guide,” Goodrich said. “The biggest part probably is the website but branding the City of Henderson and keeping it consistent across the board. Knowing when we push stuff out, how we are pushing it out. When are responding, how are we responding. Are we all on the same page because we have to be, to work cohesively and to continue to grow. So that is just branding, logos, and what does what and what goes where and how can we streamline it.” 

She wants the citizens to know for sure who it is when that entity puts something out there, deponding on if its the police, fire, main street, civic center or any one else. Along with building all of those and presence on social media.

“That is the biggest piece I am taking care of right now,” she said.

A few of the other things Goodrich does and will do are helping Abercombie and Mayor Buzz Fullen keep up their schedules, as well as, learning new positions in case someone is out of the office. 

“A lot of it is just organization and prioritizing, the main priority right now is the website and getting that up,” Goodrich said. “What we want to do is, eventually, create a city app and in order to have that created we have to have everything updated on the website. That’s the goal, is to streamline and point people back to our website to generate that traffic so that they can see it and eventually that app will just be that format on your phone, which is where everyone is at anyway.”

While in Bullard, Goodrich and Abercombie made an app for the City of Bullard that was a similar version of the one it Tyler. They would like to do that once again on a bigger scale for Henderson since there is a large size difference in the two towns. 

Growing up Goodrich lived up north and came back to graduate from Brownsboro High School. She has about 50 college hours from Tyler Junior College and Trinity Valley Community College and many years of work experience. 

She is the mother to three, a recent high school graduate Katie, a second grader Georgia and a two and half year old Jett. She has been married to her husband, Jason, for nine years. Goodrich and her family plans to continuing living in Bullard and travel to Henderson daily.

“Everyone is really great that I have met,” she said. “I’m excited about the direction that Henderson is going.”

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