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The Henderson City Council met Tuesday night for their monthly meeting to address several agenda items and then went into executive session. After returning from executive session and ending the meeting Mayor Buzz Fullen called an emergency meeting to declare a Local State of Disaster for the city.

 “We must do this now to protect our citizens,” said Mayor Fullen.

 City Manager Jay Abercrombie explained to the Council the importance of this declaration and the need to implement it now.

Before anyone panics it is important that all citizens know that the city is not in Martial Law or lockdown as some have spread around the area.

This declaration is simply a plan the City Council agreed on to place Henderson on the list for both state and federal resources should the citizens and businesses need these resources in the coming weeks or months.

Many cities, counties and states around the nation are doing the same thing or planning to do so.

The City’s declaration states that the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic in December 2019 called COVID-19. It further describes the effects of the virus on people. Since the Governor of the State of Texas issued a proclamation on March 13, 2020 declaring COVID-19 an imminent threat of disaster to Texas the city decided they should do the same.

This management plan gives the City of Henderson the power to activate the plan and take any actions necessary to promote health and suppress the virus. This may include the quarantine of persons and occupied structures, examining and regulating hospitals, regulating entrances and exits of occupied structures, establishment of quarantine stations, emergency hospitals that do not comply with the City’s rules.

The original document stated it was good for seven days but the Council amended it to last for 30 days or until their meeting next month.

In another section the number for gathering was stated as 250 people but the Council amended the City’s document to state they will follow the guidelines as recommended by the federal government.

A gathering refers generally to a scheduled event or common endeavor where persons are present in a confined space, room or area.

Other items approved during the meeting were:

* A presentation of a very good audit report of the City’s financials

* A plat sub-dividing located at 1103 East Main Street

* Emergency repair on well number 7 that provides water to the downtown, the Van Buren elevated tower and the splash pad at Fair Park

* A wastewater request financial assistance to extend a sewer line to an area just west of the Star on Highway 64.

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