National Adopt a Cat Month is upon us so take a moment to consider adding a new feline family member this month. 

From their adorable little furry faces to the tips of their fuzzy tails, cats and kittens can bring so much delight into any home willing to open their doors and hearts to these scratchy-tongued bundles of joy. While cat owners might not get the instant gratification of a wagging tail and sloppy kisses, each of us has felt the joy that comes from the finally shown affection of a persnickety puss. It may take patience but when the tense muscles and extended claws fade into slow blinks, head bumps, and tiny balls of the softest fur snuggled into your lap, or your throat, or the side of your face during a night of deep sleep, the heart melts. 

Winning the love of a cat isn’t always easy but once you’ve proven your worthiness to her highness the life of servitude is all worthwhile. 

Shelters, including our own Henderson Animal Center, are full of feline fur-babies of all colors, prints, and personalities in need of forever homes. Each year more than 3 million cats and kittens find their way into shelters across the country. Some are born there, some surrendered, and some abandoned but all are in need of a loving home. 

There are considerations to be made when adopting a cat. While most of them will tug on your heartstrings and the sight of them may leave you searching for the perfect “Crazy Cat Lady” bumper sticker consider a few things before deciding which tabby is the best choice for your home. 

Consider your lifestyle. Does a mellow, adult cat suit your slower pace or do you have the time needed to nurture an active kitten? 

Spend one-on-one time with your initial choice. For a cat’s true personality to come through they require some face time. 

Will everyone in your family be open to the new member? That relates to other pets, as well. A household with other cats can turn into sheer turmoil with the introduction of a new member. Be prepared for a few situations before everyone becomes comfortable with one another. 

Create a decompression zone for your new family member. Most cats, when introduced into new surroundings, will need some time to adjust. Create a comfortable space that meets all of your new Emporer’s needs and don’t be surprised if they feel the need to hide for a while. 

For those of you who are unable to adopt, consider volunteering in your local shelter, or making a donation. Henderson Animal Center has an Amazon wish list that’s kept current with items needed by all the little fuzzies in their care. 

For more information on animal adoptions and volunteering while still under COVID-19 regulations contact, Charissa Pool at the Henderson Animal Center at 903-657-7651. 

Thank you for reading!

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