U.S. Constitution handouts

Over 400 pocket size U.S. Constitutions were delivered to the Henderson Middle School Wednesday. Pictured, from left, Mayor Buzz Fullen, HMS principal Shannon Dickerson and Judge Rand Cates.


For five years, Mount Enterprise municipal judge Rand Cates has been distributing pocket size U.S. constitutions to all nine school districts in Rusk County. 

Cates hands out roughly 4,000 copies and has given out well over 10,000 copies in the five years.

Cates pays for these with a  grant form Texas Court of Criminal Appeals through the Texas Municipal Court Education Center in Austin.

According to Cates, these are helpful for the students in civics, government and history classes. 

When donating he is always sure to leave a extra so staff members can each have one. 

Cates main objective in doing this for the students is, “ to introduce students to the greatest legal document ever written: The United States Constitution. But, most importantly, to get a feel for the constitution itself and how it is that a document that was written over 200 years ago still plays an integral role in our everyday lives.”

Cates has also donated the constitutions to police and fire departments, local government officials and military members.

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