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Henderson’s most brightly shining hidden jewel, the Antiquities Encounter Museum tucked away on the Texas Baptist Institue and Seminary campus, played host to a Sunday tour and symposium on August 8. 

The afternoon consisted of a small tour of the facility and some of its deeply interesting pieces, followed by a short lesson about the 1611 Bible by Museum of the Bible curator and owner Howard R. Elseth. 

Elseth’s Museum of the Bible, another widely-unknown East Texas treasure, holds copies of the King James Version dated as far back as the 1400s and his knowledge of the information lost in updates and translations is eye opening. 

“I have so many examples, I could go on about this for hours,” said Elseth of the multitudes of improper corrections and blatant misrepresentations of the Word made through translations of earlier text. 

Guest speaker Avi Lipkin is an American-born ex-pat who moved to Isreal at 19 and devoted himself to his new life and new country. A seven-time published author, Lipkin has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows worldwide and has appeared in over 1,000 churches and synagogues in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Austria, Poland, Faroe Islands, and Isreal. 

He is currently campaigning for a seat in the Israeli Knesset, or Great Assembly, the Israeli version of the legislation, as the head of the Judeo-Christian Bible Bloc party. 

Dr. John Melancon, museum curator, globe-hopping archaeologist, 50-year Baptist preacher, husband, and father, sits high on the list of the world’s most interesting men. His wealth of knowledge is unending, whether you’re discussing Israeli politics, legitimate archaeology, sleeping safely in the Amazon jungle, or getting schooled on Biblical misconceptions. 

“Even after 52 years of hearing these same stories over and over, I still think he’s the most interesting man on the planet,” said Dr. Melancon’s adorable wife, agreeing with his legendary status. 

For those that have never toured the small museum, or those that didn’t even know it existed, it’s a must-visit attraction nestled discreetly on Longview Drive. 

The collection of historical artifacts are breathtaking on their own but when the museum’s curator explains the connection of the pieces to very specific points of the Bible, it is absolutely soul-stirring. 

The material representation of what were once lessons and stories from Sunday school create a physical connection to the actual history of the book itself and deepen the spiritual connection. 

To see a limestone ball and recognize that these were the type of stones plucked from the river by David to slay Goliath and not the pebble that our childish minds invented gives a creedence to the story. 

To tour the Antiquities Encounter Museum, appointments can be made through TBI at 903-657-6543. 

Tours of the Museum of the Bible can be scheduled through Howard R. Elseth at 936-347-2128.

Avi Lipkin will be speaking at 12:30 p.m., Sunday, August 29, 2021, at Henderson’s Yehovah Shalom, located at 9370 CR 444D. To register for the free symposium, call Don Everly Smith at 903.722.2557 or email at 4WayWin@gmail.com. 

Each tour or event is highly recommended. 


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