Adam Duey

Adam Duey


What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?


My entire adult working life has been focused in what would be called an extreme customer service position. As a result, knowing how to listen to concerns and letting people know they’ve been heard and understood is a skill, which has been honed. 

My career as a financial planner provides the budgetary and planning experience necessary to look after the long-term health of the district’s finances. 

Also, My background in community service allows me to understand the needs of today. This blend of short and long-term vision uniquely qualifies me to serve on the HISD Board of Trustees.


What kind of modifications, if any, would you like to see instituted?

Dr. Lamb was just hired and we’re barely two months into the new school year. Additionally, the board just voted on the student code of conduct at the August meeting. At this point there are no recommended changes or modifications.


What are three areas of improvement needed?

With a new superintendent and only two months into the school year, in my opinion, now is not the time to be pushing changes. Dr. Lamb needs time to work and implement his vision before any changes need to be discussed.


How would you better budget tax revenues?

No answer.


What is the most important skill you bring to the table?

Family loyalty is the most important skill I’ll bring to the table. Seven years ago the title of “Dad” was obtained and since then it has been tireless effort building a better life for my family. 

Having made the choice to move to Henderson five years ago Brittany and I have taken multiple opportunities to make our community stronger and to give back when and where we could. 

My children are 7 and 5 years old so Henderson ISD will be playing a massive role in their lives. My goal is to do everything possible to provide them with the best education and experience.

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