Jon Best

 Jon Best


 What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?

      I feel I am uniquely qualified to serve on the HISD school board for many reasons; first and foremost I am a native of Henderson ISD and am a proud graduate of HISD. 

This isn’t just about filling a seat on the school board, it never has been. It’s about my passion for the school district, our teachers and our students. 

After college, I returned home to invest back in the community that raised me, aside from building my career and family, it has been a privilege to serve for the last 15 years on the school board representing our teachers, stakeholders and our youth.

The reason I decided to run for the board 15 years ago remains the only reason in which I seek re-election, and that is to continue pursuing excellence in all we do for the district’s teachers and for all students. 

It’s simple, for me, I’m driven for the love of this community, it’s my roots and a place I am proud to leave a legacy through leadership and service to the HISD district.

What type of modifications if any, would you like to see instituted?

Our school board does a great job communicating with our community, and stakeholders. An area that I have realized could be enhanced would be ensuring the community leaders truly understand what your district is doing, and why it matters for students— this one of the most important jobs school leaders have. 

The bottom line is to increase communication and transparency between the board, our teachers and our community.

Where are three areas of improvement needed? 

      HISD has made great strides over the last 15 years. Serving as a board member it has been rewarding to contribute to the growth for our districts most deserving, our teachers and our youth. 

However, remaining true to the two main focuses of our district, our teachers and our youth—I believe that HISD has the opportunity to strengthen in the following areas and excel by continuing to evolve and adjust as a school system to help students reach their full potential. 

Frist, grow vocational education to ensure students are workforce ready post-graduation. Second, the district has the potential to expand, enhance and develop their performing arts program specifically its new Performing Arts Center, inclusive of a band hall and practice hall. Lastly, HISD can improve the agricultural department, ultimately increasing our students’ agricultural opportunities. 

Speaking to our district’s teachers, they are invaluable to the district and we should continue to further a long-term retention plan to maintain and recruit quality teachers.

How would you better budget tax revenues?

     As a fiscal conservative, if re-elected, I will continue to be a watchful and objective steward of our district resources to ensure we continue the overall goal, which is to take great care of our teachers and our students. 

By re-establishing key budget principals and clearly identifying and communicating each principal with our stakeholders, this will ultimately help HISD to prioritize and strategize by allocating costs where our students and teachers are centered in all budgetary decisions with tax dollars.

What is the most important skill you bring to the table?

One of the most important skills I bring to the table in having served on the HISD School Board is my strong background as a strong business minded individual. 

My longstanding commitment as a board member for the last 15 years has been my ability to aid HISD in their budget process and hold the budget accountable by avoiding any deficient spending. 

I am brining my passion, experience and commitment to the districts table. Serving on the board is about improving the quality of our student outcomes and showing those who are on the frontlines—our teachers just how valued they truly are. 

We have made significant strides during the 15 years to ensure that every teacher and student has every opportunity to succeed and make a difference. 

After 15 years of service to the school, I’m honored to have contributed to building new schools and facilities and helping the district achieve many goals. 

My goal is to move forward on strategic goals to help support our district and see it continue to thrive and succeed. 

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