Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler


I have lived in Henderson, District 1, for 40+ years.   I ran the swimming and other programs at the YMCA for several years before beginning my teaching career, from which I retired in 2015.  In retirement, I help with grandchildren and look in on my favorite neighbor - my dad – regularly, as well as reading, gardening, and traveling when I have the opportunity.  


What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?

I don’t know about “uniquely” qualified – I bet lots of people are well qualified!  I am running to serve the community, and I am in a position to have time to dedicate to it.  I have served in various capacities over the years; a community service project of which I am particularly proud is that, while teaching for HISD, I raised the needed funds and oversaw the complete renovation of the auditorium at the Administration Building on High Street, providing not only a performance venue for my students, but a meeting place for HISD and the community at large.


What kind of modifications, if any, would you like to see instituted?

I think it would be prudent to do lots more listening before suggesting changes.  That being said, I am interested in strong neighborhoods, clear communication, and the best possible use of city resources.


Where are three areas of improvement needed?

In talking with residents as I walk the district, the things that are mentioned again and again are; 1) roads; 2) getting prompt, accurate answers when you have a question or concern; 3) code enforcement; and 4) the need for a full-service grocery store at the north end of town.


How would you better budget tax revenues?

I have, of course, studied recent years’ budgets and the recently approved budget for the coming year, but a city budget has many working parts, and I believe I would need to inform myself more fully before speaking to this.


What is the most important skill you bring to the table?

Thoroughness.  I am making a concerted effort to knock on every door in the district, listening to what people have to say.  I pride myself on being thoughtful and organized, and finishing what I start. 


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