It’s that time of year when people start preparing their vegetables and meats for the freezer. If the old one is about to bite the dust they head out shopping for a new one but that won’t happen this season. There has been a run on freezers and appliance stores have none for sale and most don’t know when they will get any in.

Within two weeks of the coronavirus food and household products were in short supply. It was puzzling to many why there were so many empty fresh and frozen meat shelves. Where are people putting all this meat so that it doesn’t spoil? Surely they can’t eat it before it spoils in the refrigerator. Then it dawns on them, they must be putting it in their freezers.

That’s a great idea, why not go down to the local appliance store and buy a freezer and buy all the meat you can and freeze it? Only one problem, all the freezers were sold out in a matter of days.

Lowes of Henderson told The Henderson News that not only were there none in stock but neither were there any at their warehouses or available for online ordering and delivery. According to estimated arrival for freezers to be sold will be around the end of July.

We are entering the beginning of fresh vegetable season where many people grow and freeze their own for use during the year but that will not be possible this year unless they already have a freezer. No one seems to have them in stock with many of them having a waiting list.

Some have stated that freezers are as in demand as toilet paper was a few weeks ago. The difference is toilet paper is now available but freezers are not. All of this is because people panicked for fear of not having enough food to eat or not being permitted to leave their homes to buy food.

Some even bought extra freezers for the purpose of stockpiling their food. Since there is a possible shortage of meat on the horizon, this may give appliance manufacturers the opportunity to replenish the appliance stores. Of course because of demand the purchase price will probably be higher.

All of you that raise your meats and vegetables and stock your freezer better hope and pray that yours doesn’t decide to die and need to be replaced. There probably won’t be any available anytime soon since freezers are a hot commodity.



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