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The Henderson Education Foundation (HEF)by all respects does an excellent job in all aspects – scholarships, grants, managed funds and return on investments – as announced at its annual donor appreciation luncheon, held Monday at the Rusk County Civic Center. 

“Today, you have been exposed to all the great things the Henderson Education Foundation has been able to do over the past 20 years,” said director Art Rousseau. “You have seen and heard testimonials from recipients of both the scholarships and teacher grant program…this foundation does its job.”

Financial stability is paramount to an undertaking such as the HEF, and the numbers bear that out. 

According to the financial statement provided by treasurer Michael Moores, all account numbers are in good shape.

• Over $2,000,000 in the Ash Scholarship investment account

• Over $500,000 in the general fund investment account, most of which goes to teacher grants

• Over $8,000,000 in managed assets with just over five percent return.

• A low administrative cost of less than $10,000 (less than one-quarter of one percent)

“Because of recent grants and endowments, we have been able to take advantage of, and expand upon, the changes in our community, our school system, and our students,” Rousseau said. “Our school system has made bold moves to include not just academia, but also trade and commercial training and education.”

As proof of the system in action, teacher Emile Foster related how she uses an application to track experience points (XPs) for the students. 

She was using the free part of the application, but her students went to the site on their own time to check out the bells and whistles. As a result, the students asked for extra work to take home so they could accumulate more XPs within the class. 

An upgrade could be forthcoming for that particular class.

Scholarships are providing not only opportunities to attend college, but in some instances they are also giving a sense of independence and money management.

“My son, a junior now, has not called to ask me for money,” David Chenault said while addressing the audience about scholarships. “He is in his own apartment, paying his own bills and working a job while going to school.”

The Chenaults are not the only family in town with children in post-secondary institutions; but some of them are there as the beneficiaries of the scholarship abilities of the Henderson Education Foundation.

The foundation solicits individuals and businesses and holds spring fundraiser in the form of a 5K and one-mile run/walk.

For more information about how to participate in the foundation’s activities, please contact Stacey Johnson at 903-655-5018 or email at sjohnson@hendersonisd.org.



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