Legacy House

Rusk County Legacy House has partnered with The Fostering Collective, who will be conducting a babysitting certification course hosted by First Baptist Church of Henderson. 

Rusk County Legacy House, run by Henderson resident Shana Moland, is a donation and volunteer-based service that offers foster, adoptive, and kinship families a place to shop, free of charge, for children that have been placed in their care. In April, Legacy House will have been opened for two years. A labor of love and support from a previous foster parent, Rusk County Legacy House began as a local prayer meeting but through a generous donation from First Baptist Church, it transformed into a foster family’s best friend. For the family who wasn’t expecting to be taking in a new member, or members, in the middle of the night and is now stressed over school clothes, car seats, or cribs, Moland said, “We, literally, have a house filled with anything you can imagine all from the support of our community.”

Most don’t recognize the restrictions placement families face when choosing to take in foster children. From background checks and home visits to mandatory training classes to help deal with issues foster children might face and who can babysit the children, the requirements are extensive. 

Within a regular household, the option to get away and bring in a babysitter for young ones is an easy choice. Grandparents, siblings, even a trusted high schooler, are typically just a phone call away. For families with foster children those people, no matter how trustworthy and capable, are not an option. Anyone left supervising a child in the foster care system is obligated to be certified by the state. 

“Foster families really need the support,” said Moland, “Regular folks can get a break but a foster family can’t say I need a night out. Hey, let’s go to Wal-Mart without six kids. As a foster family, you can’t say that.” 

The Fostering Collective’s babysitter certification class helps create a network of short time caregivers willing to help a foster family have a moment for any occasion or situation in which children, especially fosters, can’t be involved. 

This course covers everything from child and infant CPR and First Aid to fingerprinting. The certification received from attendance in this course will cover foster care babysitters under multiple agencies. 

Enrollees must be 21 years old or older. The upcoming course will be held at First Baptist Church of Henderson, located at 207 W. Main St. Training will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., January 25. Those with questions can email christie@thefosteringcollective.org. More information can be found at https://thefosteringcollective.org/foster-care-baby-sitting-training/.

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