HENDERSON - The first confirmed case of Dab Sticking was reported to the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office Thursday morning. A local minor was taken to UT Health Henderson where the case was confirmed.

The incident is still under investigation but speculation about this method of smoking marijuana now proves that it has infiltrated Rusk County as it has all across the country.

David Roberts, spokesperson of the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office told The Henderson News that we must get the word out so that parents can be aware of the dangers that could possibly affect their teenagers.

“Dab sticking is a slang term for a byproduct of marijuana when cooked down it looks like silly putty and dirty yellow in color and has been around for a long time,” said Roberts.

This is an illegal drug and dangerous and could possibly be laced with fentanyl. The reason it has become so popular with teens is that it gives them a far greater high than just smoking marijuana.

With all the publicity today of illegal and legal marijuana, cannabis and vaping teens are curious and sometimes use these products without their parents knowledge that is why parents are urged to know what their children are involved in to protect their health.

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