Overall crime dropped for the month of February with a sharp spike in events related to burglary and a few rarely reported offenses. 

Of those offenses were one count of sexual coercion, one count of sexual performance by a child, and one report of sexual assault of a child. Details of these incidences have not yet been released but will be further investigated once the information has been made public. 

Officers received 793 calls for service, a substantial decrease in numbers from January’s 847. Of these 793 calls, 723 were dispatched leaving 70 being officer initiated. 

With a total of 30 burglaries, including one burglary of a coin-operated machine, Henderson Police Department officials remind citizens to be aware of the placement of valuable items. Don’t leave purses, cell phones, or other electronics in plain sight in an unattended vehicle. The notion remains the same for homes and businesses, don’t paint a target on your property by leaving valuables in clear view. 

Counts of theft did decrease slightly with 22 for February, compared to January’s 28. 

Assault and aggravated assault cases increased slightly with a cumulative sum of 25 consolidated counts of assault. January’s reported assaults were only 23 in number.

In traffic-related incidents, officers issued 85 citations, a small increase from January. There were 290 written warnings dispensed, a fairly significant drop from January’s 361 issued warnings. HPD responded to 20 accidents with no obvious connectable reasoning apart from general unawareness of one’s surroundings. HPD officials urge residents to be cautious of your surroundings especially in parking lots and near intersections. 

The Henderson Animal Protection officer picked up a total of 15 animals last month, ten of which were dogs and five cats. The officer received 116 calls for service, issued 35 warnings and zero citations for the month a huge decrease from January’s reports. 

Crime statistics, according to reports produced each day by the HPD and printed in The Henderson News in January, included the following:

• 30 counts of burglary, which included burglary of a habitation, building, and vehicle;

• 22 counts of theft; 

• 21 counts of assault;

• Ten counts of mail theft;

• Eight counts of criminal mischief;

• Seven counts of forgery;

• Six counts of harassment;

• Five counts of possession of drug paraphernalia;

• Three counts of unlawful restraint;

• Two counts each of sexual assault, aggravated assault on a public servant, aggravated robbery, failure to comply upon striking an unattended vehicle, failure to identify, credit card abuse, possession of a controlled substance, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; 

• One count each of sexual coercion, sexual performance by a child, sexual assault of a child, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault/family violence, failure to stop and give information after an accident, fraudulent use of identifying information, illegal dumping, injury to a child, minor in possession of tobacco, theft of a firearm, deadly conduct, possession of marijuana, public intoxication, and failure to comply upon striking a fixed object. 

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