Burglary of habitation reports have slightly increased for the month of August with the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office. 

Incidences of burglary of habitation were up to 17 in August as compared to 11 in July.

“Now that school is back in they know that no one is home,” said Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price. “Cameras are cheap.”

Burglaries of habitations are peoples homes and once they cross the threshold of a home it is classified as burglary of habitation even without anything missing.

“Game cameras are cheap now, real cheap,”“If you buy the ones that automatically send the picture to your phone, even if they take the game camera you still have the photo. That’s a cheap way to watch your home.”

A variety of things were stolen that were out of the normal like, rolls of hay, a leather chair, bar stools and plastic totes. However, normal items like TVs, guns and antique dolls stolen as well.

Another large increase for the month of August was livestock with 99 counts in August and only 59 counts in July.  

Illegal burning spiked from zero counts in July to 17 in August.

“We didn’t have any last month,” Price said. “It’s up this month because of the current burn ban.”

While burglaries of building increased from three counts in July to nine counts in August, burglaries of vehicles dropped from eight to four. Burglaries attempted also increased from four to five counts.

Reckless drivers increased slightly to 84 counts reported as compared to 79 in July. 

Price also spoke briefly about Justice of the Peace Pct. 5 hiring a company that sends mail-outs warnings individuals that they owe a certain amount of money. They are to encourage individuals to come set up a payment plan or sit it out in the jail. These are not scams or warrants but simply warnings, if unsure, stop by the JP5 office and check. 

A total of 2,199 records taken in August, down from 2,232 in June.

Crime statistics, according to reports produced each day by the RCSO and printed in The Henderson News in July, include the following:

• 99 counts of livestock; 

• 84 counts of reckless driver; 

• 22 counts of miscellaneous theft;

• 20 counts of criminal mischief;

• 18 counts of simple assault;

• 17 counts of burglary of habitation, illegal burning;

• 15 counts of scam;

• 13 counts of criminal trespass, vehicle stolen;

• 12 counts of disturbance

• 10 counts of loud music;

• Nine counts of burglary of building;

• Seven counts of felony arrest, misdemeanor arrest, family violence, harassment;

• Six counts of animal cruelty, narcotics;

• Five counts of sexual assault, burglary attempted, fraud;

• Four counts of burglary of vehicle, illegal dumping, theft of livestock, oilfield theft;

• Three counts of terroristic threat, theft of service;

• Two counts of aggravated assault, credit card abuse, deadly conduct, ID theft, telephone harassment; and

• One count of arrest resisting, child abuse, disorderly conduct, narcotics possession, robbery stalking.

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