As the telemedicine industry begins to put down deeper roots, change is inevitable.

Rusk County employees are going to have some changes in its telemedicine program, but they are not drastic changes.

According to County Treasurer Andy Vinson, the changes are minor, but will still provide huge benefits.

“The fee is going to be $10 this year,” Vinson said. “But that is less than actually going to the doctor, which could cost close to $100.”

Families with children will see the convenience of setting up a phone call that could take mere minutes rather than sit in a office filled with other sick people. 

Additionally, any prescriptions can be called in the parents can pick those up at their convenience. 

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine has been around for a little while and allows doctors and patients to meet, be evaluated and diagnosed without ever leaving the house. 

In most instances, it is quicker than going in for an office visit if the evaluation does not involve x-rays or diagnostic machines. 

Telemedicine is also a valuable tool when doing post-surgical follow-ups. 

According to information given by providers, telemedicine provides many advantages.

Patients enjoy:

• Less time away from work

•No travel expenses or time

•Less interference with child or elder care responsibilities

• Privacy

•No exposure to other potentially contagious patients

Providers enjoy:

• Increased revenue

• Improved office efficiency

• An answer to the competitive threat of retail health clinics and on-line only providers

• Better patient follow through and improved health outcomes

• Fewer missed appointments and cancellations

• Private payer reimbursement.

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