On Friday evening as people were going home from work and local church music played Blessed Assurance in the background a group of eight people gathered downtown Henderson and held signs of protest to show their support of George Floyd.

Written on these signs were the familiar phrases that have appeared at protests all over the nation such as: “Black Lives Matter”, “My Life Matters”, and “Be The Difference”.

Since Monday June 8 a group of supporters of the Black Lives Matter protest movement has been gathering downtown Henderson every evening from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

“We are just a group of concerned citizens that want to show our support so we meet about three hours after work. There is no stopping traffic, no screaming, no yelling, no rioting and no pressure to join,” said Rickey Turner, former Municipal Judge for the City of Henderson.

According to Turner he was the only one to show up on the first day (June 8) and by Thursday (June 11) there were about fifteen to twenty that joined him.

Turner said, “They come on their own accord to stand for what they believe in.”

As the evening progressed several vehicles passed by with a variety of races occupying those vehicles. Some blew their horns, some waved, some gave a thumbs up to show their support for the protest. Others just stopped at the traffic light or passed by with no response at all but there were not any altercations.

Only one young white man came up to the group to ask them some questions about what they were doing. Turner began to explain and after the explanation the man asked how he could help.

Turner says that the group plans to be downtown all this week.


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